Inline tag

When creating content in Masa CMS you use the [m] tag for rendering dynamic content. This is very powerfull way to acces CFML and Masa functionality.


You can use CFML functions inside your [m] tag:

[m]TimeFormat(Now(), 'hh:mm:ss tt')[/m]

You can also call Masa CMS specific functions that are available through the Masa scope:




Thus you can also call your own functions you’ve created in your contentRenderer.cfc in your Theme:

        , showCaption=true
        , cssID='myCarousel'
        , size='carouselimage'
        , interval=5000
        , autoStart=true

This example is using the MasaBootstrap5 Theme.

Also the function available through Masa CMS Plugins are available:


This example is using the MuraLocations Plugin.


Any user that can edit content, can use the [m] tag.