Local: Docker

Prerequisite: Docker must be installed.

  1. Clone the Masa CMS repository from GitHub to you local machine.

  2. Goto the directory in which you cloned the Masa CMS Repository with a commandline tool (like Bash).

  3. Goto the subfolder \core\docker\. In this folder you can find several Docker configurations for different database flavours.
    • local-mssql for Microsoft SQL Server
    • local-mysql for MySQL
    • local-oracle for Oracle
    • local-postgresql for PostgreSQL
  4. Goto the subfolder of the database you want to use.

  5. Start the Docker image by typing docker-compose up. Two Docker containers will start, one for the database and one for Masa CMS.

NOTE: Mac users will have to change the port number for the database container, since that port is already in use by the OS itself. You can do this by editing the ‘docker-compose.yml’ file. Change the variables MURA_DBCONNECTIONSTRING and MURA_DBPORT. Also be sure to change the port number on line 51 for het MySQL Docker container accordingly.

  1. Goto http://localhost:8080 to visit your local Masa CMS site.

  2. Goto http:/localhost:8080/admin to visit the Masa CMS Administrator. You can login with the following credentials:

    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin