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Configuration file

All the the Masa settings can be found in /config/setting.ini.cfm. A template for this file is available in/core/templates/settings.template.cfm

The “settings.ini.cfm” File

This file contains the configuration setting for Masa CMS.


yourOwnKey=Your Value

You can use a semicolon (;) to comment a line. This line is then ignored.


You can find a reference for this configuration file below.

Settings Section

Key Type Default
appreloadkey string appreload
mode string production

Production Section

Key Type Default
admindomain string empty string
admindir string /admin
adminemail string empty string
adminssl boolean false
allowautoupdates boolean true
allowedindexfiles string index.cfm, index.json, index.html
allowlocalfiles boolean false
allowsimplehtmlforms boolean true
assetdir string empty string
assetpath string empty string
autodiscoverplugins boolean false
autoresetpasswords boolean false
autoupdatemode string default
bcryptpasswords boolean true
clientmanagement boolean false
clientstorage string empty string
confirmsaveasdraft boolean true
context string empty string
cookiedomain string empty string
cookiepath string empty string
customtagpaths string empty string
datasource string empty string
dbcasesensitive boolean false
dbpassword string empty string
dbtype string empty string
dbtablespace string USERS
dbusername string empty string
debuggingenabled boolean true
defaultfilemode integer 777
enablemuratag boolean true
encryptionkey string hash of getCurrentTemplatePath()
errortemplate string /muraWRM/config/error.html
filedir string empty string
fmshowapplicationroot boolean true
fmshowsitefiles boolean true
forceadminssl boolean true
hashurls boolean false
haslockablenodes boolean false
hstsmaxage integer 1200
imageinterpolation string highQuality
indexfileinurls boolean true
javasettingsloadcoldfusionclasspath boolean true
javasettingsloadpaths string /requirements/lib
javasettingswatchextensions string jar,class
javasettingswatchinterval integer 60
locale string server
loginstrikes integer 4
mailserverip string empty string
mailserverpassword string empty string
mailserverpopport integer 110
mailserversmtpport integer 25
mailserverssl boolean false
mailservertls boolean false
mailserverusername string empty string
maxarchivedversions integer 50
maxportalitems integer 1000
maxsourceimagewidth integer 4000
mfa boolean false
mfaperdevice boolean false
mfasendauthcode boolean true
notifywithversionlink boolean true
ormautomanagesession boolean true
ormcfclocation string empty string
ormdatasource string empty string
ormdbcreate string update
ormenabled boolean true
ormeventhandling boolean true
ormflushatrequestend boolean false
ormsavemapping boolean false
ormskipcfcwitherror boolean false
ormusedbformapping boolean false
ping boolean false
plugindir string empty string
port integer ${cgi.SERVER_PORT}
proxypassword string empty string
proxyport integer ${cgi.SERVER_PORT}
proxyserver string empty string
proxyuser string empty string
purgedrafts boolean true
recaptchasitekey string empty string
recaptchasecret string empty string
recaptchalanguage string en
rendermuraalerts boolean true
requesttimeout integer 1000
sameformfieldsasarray boolean false
scriptprotect boolean true
scriptprotectexceptions string body,source,params
securecookies boolean false
sessioncookiesexpires string never
sendfrommailserverusername boolean true
sessionhistory integer 0
sessiontimeout integer 180
showadminloginhelp boolean true
siteidinurls boolean false
sortpermission string editor
strictfactory boolean true
stricthtml boolean false
stricthtmlexclude string empty string
strongpasswordregex regex (?=^.{7,15}$)(?=.*\d)(?![.\n])(?=.*[a-zA-Z]).*$
strongpasswords boolean false
tempdir string empty string
title string Masa CMS
usedefaultsmtpserver boolean true
usefilemode boolean false
windowdocumentdomain string empty string