Folder structure

Theme Locations

Themes can be placed in two locations:

  • /{masa-install}/themes/ - This is the global location for themes. All sites from your Masa CMS installation can use these themes.

  • /{masa-install}/sites/{siteid}/themes - This is the site specific location for themes. Only the site under this file location can use this theme.

Theme structure

Directory or file Description
{theme}/assets/ In this directory you can put all the assets, like libraries and frameworks.
{theme}/content_types/ The configuration for theme specific Content Types are put here.
{theme}/css/ If an ‘editor.css’ file is present in this directory, than the styles will be included in the CKEditor.
{theme}/modules/ Modules are configured here.
{theme}/images/ Theme specific images (like logo’s etc) are stored here.
{theme}/js/ In this directory you can put all the theme-specific Javascript
{theme}/resource_bundles/ Resource bundles are stored here.
{theme}/templates/ Templates are configured here.
{theme}/config.xml.cfm In this file you can configure theme-specific settings.
{theme}/contentRenderer.cfc The default ‘contentRenderer.cfc’ and it’s functions can be overwritten here.
{theme}/eventHandler.cfc In the ‘eventHandler.cfc’ you can plug into the Event Cycle of Masa CMS / CFML.