All Modules can be styled via the Module’s “Configurator”. The Configurator appears in the right-side Layout Manager area whenever a Module is active, like when a Module is first dropped onto a page, or when an already-placed Module’s edit “pencil” icon is clicked.

For Modules that allow for styling (most do), the Configurator will display a “Style” menu option at the bottom. Clicking on this will open several new options.

Module vs Content styling

A Module has two areas that can be styled: the “module” area, aka the generic div container that surrounds the module content, and the “content” itself. Clicking on “Module” or “Content” within the Style tab will enable you to apply stying to each. The styling options for each are slightly different. “Module” can be thought of as the outer margin of the Module, while “Content” is everything within the Module.

Layout (Module)

The layout option for the Module container allows you to set positioning & alignment (even per display device), as well as height, margin and padding.

Layout (Content)

Content layout allows you to set text alignment as well as margin and padding.


Theme allows you to set the Module text color.


Background lets you set the background color and/or image.


Custom allows you to assign one-off styles, as well as set the z-index.