Content in the Layout Manager comes in two forms: Inline, and via the Text Module.


Inline content is content that can be edited directly on the page by “double-clicking” on the content area. This can include (depending upon how your site administrator has configured the page template) titles and general content areas.

To edit content inline, simply double-click on the text. For block content, a simplified editor menu will appear above the content. You can simply type in place to add or update the content. Clicking outside of the Content area (or clicking on “Done Editing” in the Layout Manager) will close the editing process, and once the page is saved the change is implemented.

Via Text Module

A Content module can also be dragged onto the page. These allow you to create content blocks of three types: Custom, Component, and Bound Attribute. You can select this via the Text Module’s “Content Source” setting it it’s Configurator.


Custom content is similar to the page’s “body” content, in that you use the Masa CMS HTML editor to create a new content block. By selecting “Custom” as the Content Source, and then clicking on the “Edit” button, an Editor modal will appear in which you can create or edit the content.


Component allows you to select or create a new Masa CMS Component. Components are shared, reusable content blocks, so remember that editing an existing component will change the content wherever it is displayed.

Bound Attribute

Bound Attributes are attributes such as the page’s Title or Credits, or any text-type Extended Attributes bound to the current page.