List of Deprecations

The following functionality is deprecated as of Masa CMS 7.3.

Mura tags

The tags [mura] and [sava] can be used in content for dynamic expression, like so:

[mura]TimeFormat(Now(), 'hh:mm:ss tt')[/mura]

This use of these tags is deprecated. Please use the ‘[m]’ tag instead, like so:

[m]TimeFormat(Now(), 'hh:mm:ss tt')[/m]

Please update your content accordingly.

Masa Scope

You can access various functions and variables in Masa CMS through the Masa Scope, like so:




This use of the scopes $ (dollar scope) and mura is deprecated. Please only use the m scope instead, like so:



This function is part of the Masa Scope. The function setCustomMuraScopeKey has been deprecated. Please use the function setCustomMasaScopeKey instead.


m.setCustomMuraScopeKey('myCustomObject', customObject);	


 m.setCustomMasaScopeKey('myCustomObject', customObject);


The object MuraScope is deprecated and will be replaced by MasaScope.cfc.

Most likely you will not instantiate the Masa Scope yourself. As an example however, the following example is something that can be used:


If you are using a construction where you instantiate the Masa Scope, then upgrade your code to instantiate the MasaScope object instead of the MuraScope object.


Simple Forms

Simple Forms are deprecated; please use Forms created with the Form Builder instead. Migrate existing Simple Forms to Forms created with the Form Builder.

Creating Simple Forms is switched off by default now. You can still maintain existing Simple Forms. If you still need to create a Simple Form, you need to change the setting in the settings.ini.cfm.


Don’t forget to reload Masa. The ‘Simple Form’ option now becomes available again:


Razuna is deprecated. Migrate to different Digital Asset Management system.

Razuna is switched off by default. If you still need to use it for some reason, you need to change the setting in the settings.ini.cfm.